DON’T THROW your contact lens containers!


Do you use contact lenses?

I do. Almost everyday.

Some people use it for fashion to match the color of their tank top or make up or hair

Some to look like an anime

But I use it to correct my vision

Because I have myopia

In the morning, after washing my face

I would put on my contact lenses

And these contact lens containers would go straight into the bin

I always felt conscious about throwing away stuff

Like I wonder where do they go?

What happens to it?

But then something changed my life..

It was the start of January,

I was walking around Lalaport

and passed by Eye City shop

I noticed that they have installed

a big transparent dropbox for used contact lenses containers

And I felt overjoyed.

I took one of the pamphlet

It has an adorable explanation of their ECO campaign and how I as a contact lenses user can be eco-friendly by reducing waste

Ever since then, I started collecting my containers

I didn’t ask to have myopia

And using eyeglasses can be inconvenient

But I am really glad that I can use contact lenses

And feel reassured to have the ability to reduce my waste

I am grateful that there are big companies that think and act to provide these campaigns to their customers

They provide opportunities and help create a system that everyone can be a part of.

One of our company principles is to help contribute to society.

These are one of those quantifiable chances to contribute.

So if you use contact lenses, don’t throw that container

Be part of the change!