Being injured and work as a Teacher


Recently I got injured.

I broke my sesamoid bone. The main function of this bone in the foot is to absorb shock.

Luckily, I broke it horizontally so it doesn't require surgery. It'll heal on its own in two months if I don't use my foot. It is difficult for me to walk properly and I cannot take support on the front of my foot (It is painful).

But during my career as a dancer, I have been injured several times so I am used to working even when I am injured.

I just have to adapt my lessons. Luckily I don't have a "senbatsu" this term, so I create my own choreography with minimal use of this foot..

For PK and PK rhythm training, I am lucky to have already taught almost all choreography. So this is not a risky lesson for my injury. And for the cross-floor, the staff who teach me help (I thankful for that).

-S2リズトレ: I started teaching them a few of the styles of hip-hop dance (Popping, Locking, Breakdance)and luckily they love and want to improve their breakdance. I can teach many technical and freeze without using my foot.

-S3リズトレ: They used to work with me so sometimes I do event have to show the step they understand what I want so it's quite helpful + I develop a part of a new lyrical choreo on the floor.

For the 2 previous lessons I also usually 10/15 minutes on creativity and self-improvement.

As I always transmit to my member, dance is like speaking, good to learn vocabulary, etc., but they also need to learn how to express themself in their own body language.

Thank you to those who read me.







-S2リズトレ・S2リトレズ:ヒップホップダンスのスタイル(Popping, Locking, Breakdance)を少しずつ教え始めたのですが、幸いなことに、彼らはブレイクダンスが大好きで、もっと上達したいと言っています。足を使わずに多くの技術やフリーズを教えています。

-S3リズトレ・S3リトレズ: 彼らは私と一緒にレッスンをしてきたので、私がステップを見せなくても、彼らは私が何をしたいのか理解しているので、とても助かっています。