Passion: An emotion that runs out of steam but is always back

Joann Larcebeau

In the French dictionary, Passion is defined by:
"Affective and intellectual state powerful enough to dominate mental life.
Intense love."
My passion , Dance.

・Passionate and creative you will be:
The Choreographer who does not like to dance is not a real dancer! (I have often heard this phrase)
-Dancer and spectator, he likes to create as well as to watch.
-Passionate and curious, he shows sensitivity and creativity to realize his scenic creations.
-Like a great chef who develops recipes, he must regularly renew it, evolve in his dance and take risks. The best recipes are often the result of a failed dish.

・Resistant, fast, efficient you will be :
To cope with the trying working conditions of his profession, both mental and physical, the Choreographer / Dancer must take good care of himself and listen to his body and mind.
-The choreograper/dancer manages stress and emotions in the service of his dance.

I like to see really passionate members.
There are few really passionate but we recognize them easily, they stand out from the crowd.
Those are what are not in the demonstration but really live their dance.

In my case , the passion comes and goes then sometimes travels on different activities.
But it always comes back to dancing.

Recently while looking for new artists for e-Theater I discovered Hamilton.
A song particularly touched me, I listen to it on repeat and it awakened my inspiration. For the pleasure of my members.