I am a big fan of UFC fights. They are brutal and not for everyone to watch. However, if you follow your favorite fighters you learn how much hard work they go through to be in the cage to fight. One thing that I have heard from all the fighters is discipline. This means you can’t eat whatever you want to eat, you can’t sleep as much as you want to sleep, and so on. There are many other aspects of the UFC fighters that I like apart from the fight itself.

Recently there was a fight between two champions and both were really good fighters. However, one of them lost. In the post-fight conference when one reporter asked the fighter who lost, “what is your next step? how do you see your defeat?” Instead of getting angry and complaining about it, he said that I am going to go back home and I am going to evaluate this fight. I am going to check where I could have done something better work on my mistakes and come back for a rematch. When I heard that I was like that is the spirit of a champion.

As I was thinking of this fight I realize that at YTJ we also give the members the time to evaluate each other. Often before we have performances, members perform in front of each other and give each other how they could improve. This helps them to evaluate others but also evaluate themselves. It also helps members to take criticism in a positive way. Not just take but it also helps the member to learn how to give constructive criticism. I am sure this kind of practice will help them to take victory with great pride but also defeat with great honor.