Uso wa tsukanai!


“We will not lie. We will not make promises we are unable to keep. We will always keep promises.”

I value honesty. I’m a big believer in taking responsibility for ones’ actions and always being truthful about them. It’s cliche but real, what’s children’s TV shows say about telling the truth – it’s always better to own up and tell the truth than lie. I’ve found our ideas of how someone will react to something wrong you’ve done to be worse than reality of what happens. People are forgiving.

I make a lot of mistakes. Thankfully staff follows the YTJ Standards of Conduct and don’t blame me for mistakes and are quite forgiving. It’s why I never have the urge to lie.

When you vow to never lie, you’re committing yourself to never doing anything wrong (on purpose)! If you don’t waste time on Facebook during work hours, you won’t have to face the shame of admitting that to anyone who finds out. So it’s good to aim to be true.

I’ll close by listing my three rules of life:

1) always be truthful

2) Learn to sew

3) YOLO so just do it